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Seven years of conservation agriculture in a rice-wheat rotation of Eastern Gangetic Plains of South Asia: yield trends, economic profitability and carbon use efficiency

Published in Field Crops Research, 2014 Jat, R. K.; Sapkota, T.B.; Singh, R.G.; Jat, M.L.; Kumar, M.;Gupta, R.K.  Water, energy and labour scarcity, increasing cost of production, diminishing farm profits and uncertain weather events are major challenges faced by the farmers under intensive tillage...

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Effect of different tillage and seeding methods on energy use efficiency and productivity of wheat in the Indo-Gangetic plains

Published in Field Crops Research 142 : 1-8, 2012 Vivak Kumar, Yashpal S. Saharawat,  Mahesh K. Gathala, Arjun Singh Jat, Sanjay K. Singh, Neelam Chaudhary and M.L. Jat Conservation agriculture (CA) based crop management technologies specially zero- or minimum-tillage are being rapidly adopted by...

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Conservation agriculture, increased organic carbon in the top-soil macro-aggregates and reduced soil CO2 emissions

Published in Plant and Soil 355 (1-2) : 183-197, 2012 Mariela Fuentes,  Claudia Hidalgo,  Jorge Etchevers, Fernando De León, Armando Guerrero, Luc Dendooven, Nele Verhulst and Bram Govaerts Background and aims Conservation agriculture, the combination of minimal soil movement (zero or reduced tillage),...

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Global warming potential of agricultural systems with contrasting tillage and residue management in the central highlands of Mexico

Published in Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 152(1): 50-58, 2012 Luc Dendooven, Leonardo Patiño-Zúñiga, Nele Verhulst, Marco Luna-Guido, Rodolfo Marsch, Bram Govaerts Conservation agriculture based on (1) minimal soil movement, (2) retention of rational amounts of crop residue, (3) economically...

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