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Effect of climate change and variety on long-term variation of grain yield and quality in winter wheat in Kazakhstan

Published in Cereal Research Communications, 2013 Morgounov, A.; Abugalieva, A.; Martynov, A.S. Winter wheat yield in three administrative regions of Kazakhstan (Almaty, South Kazakhstan, and Zhambyl) was analyzed during 1972–2009. Yield gains were greatest during 2000–2009, but absolute yields remain...

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The effect of integrated organic and inorganic fertilizer rates on performances of soybean and maize component crops of a soybean/maize mixture at Bako, Western Ethiopia

Published in African Journal of Agricultural Research 8  (29) : 3921-3929, 2013 Abebe Zerihun, J. J. Sharma, Dechasa Nigussie and Kanampiu Fred The experiment was conducted to determine the best compatible soybean varieties in intercropping systems and the most economically optimum integrated fertilizer...

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