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Variation at glutenin subunit loci, single kernel characterization and evaluation of grain protein in East African bread wheat varieties

Published in Euphytica, 2014 Macharia, G.K.; Peña Bautista, R.J.; Simsek, S.; Anderson, J.A. Wheat breeding programs worldwide aim at developing cultivars that meet end user quality attributes demanded by producers, processors, and consumers. Selecting from breeding populations created from well characterized...

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Progress towards genetics and breeding for minor genes based resistance to Ug99 and other rusts in CIMMYT high yielding spring wheat

Published in Journal of Integrative Agriculture 13 (2) : 255-261, 2014 Singh, R.P.; Herrera-Foessel, S.; Huerta-Espino, J.; Sukhwinder Singh; Bhavani, S.; Caixia Lan;Basnet, B.R. Wheat rusts continue to cause significant losses worldwide despite major efforts given to their genetic control. This is...

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Molecular mapping of high temperature tolerance in bread wheat adapted to the Eastern Gangetic Plain region of India

Published in Field Crops Research, 2013 Tiwari, C.; Wallwork, H.; Kumar, U.; Dhari, R.; Arun, B.; Mishra, V.K.; Reynolds, M.P.; Joshi, A.K. The inheritance of tolerance to high temperature stress during the grain filling period was investigated via a QTL analysis based on 138 doubled haploid progeny...

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