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Genetic relationships and structure among open-pollinated maize varieties adapted to eastern and southern Africa using microsatellite markers

Published in Molecular Breeding, 2014 Fentaye Kassa Semagn; Magorokosho, C.; Ogugo, V.; Makumbi, D.; Warburton, M.L. Molecular characterization of open-pollinated maize varieties (OPVs) is fundamentally important in maize germplasm improvement. We investigated the extent of genetic differences, patterns...

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Development and characterization of simple sequence repeat markers providing genome-wide coverage and high resolution in maize

Published in DNA Research 20 : 497-509, 2013 Jie Xu; Ling Liu; Yunbi Xu; Churun Chen; Tingzhao Rong; Farhan Ali; Shufeng Zhou; Fengkai Wu; Yaxi Liu; Jing Wang; Moju Cao; Yanli Lu Simple sequence repeats (SSRs) have been widely used in maize genetics and breeding, because they are co-dominant, easy...

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