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Options for increasing the productivity of the rice–wheat system of north-west India while reducing groundwater depletion : Part 1. Rice variety duration, sowing date and inclusion of mungbean

Authors: Singh, B. ; Humphreys, E.; Yadav, S.; Gaydon, D.S. Published in: Field Crops Research, 173: 68–80, 2015.   The irrigated rice–wheat (RW) systems of north-west India are critical for food security. However, these systems are not sustainable due to over-exploitation of the...

Optimizing intensive cereal-based cropping systems addressing current and future drivers of agricultural change in the northwestern Indo-Gangetic Plains of India

Published in Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 117  : 85-97, 2013 Mahesh K. Gathala, Virender Kumar, P.C. Sharma, Yashpal S. Saharawat, H.S. Jat, Mainpal Singh, Amit Kumar, M.L. Jat, E. Humphreys, D.K. Sharma, Sheetal Sharma and J.K. Ladha Increasing scarcity of resources (labour, water, and...
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