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Molecular Breeding for Quality Protein Maize (QPM)

Molecular Breeding for Quality Protein Maize (QPM). 2014. Babu, R.; Prasanna, B.M. p. 489-505. In: Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources; Vol. 2 Crop productivity, food security and nutritional quality. Tuberosa, R.; Graner, A.; Frison, E. (Eds.). Netherlands:  Springer. Maize endosperm protein is...

Maize hybrid seed production manual

Maize hybrid seed production manual. 2014. MacRobert, J.; Setimela, P.S.; Gethi, J.; Regasa, M.W. Mexico, DF (Mexico): CIMMYT v, 26 p.  Maize hybrid seed provides farmers with varieties  containing improved genetics, such as high yield  potential and unique trait combinations to counter  diseases...

Root-lodging resistance in maize as an example for high-throughput genetic mapping via single nucleotide polymorphism-based selective genotyping

Published in Plant Breeding 132 (1) : 90-98, 2013 Mohammad Farkhari, Alan Krivanek, Yunbi Xu, Tingzhao Rong, Mohammad R. Naghavi, Bahman Y. Samadi and Yanli Lu Large-scale selective genotyping and high-throughput analysis are two important strategies for low-cost and high-effective genetic mapping....
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