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On the relationship between C and N fixation and amino acid synthesis in nodulated alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Published in Functional Plant Biology 41 (4) : 331-341, 2014 Molero, G.; Tcherkez, G.; Araus, J.L.; Nogues, S. Legumes such as alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) are vital N2-fixing crops accounting for a global N2 fixation of ~35 Mt N year–1. Although enzymatic and molecular mechanisms of nodule N2 fixation...

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Relative contribution of shoot and ear photosynthesis to grain filling in wheat under good agronomical conditions assessed by differential organ Delta13C

Published in Journal of Experimental Botany, 2014  Sanchez-Bragado, R.; Molero, G.; Reynolds, M.P.; Araus, J.L.  During grain filling in C3 cereals, the shoot (particularly the flag leaf) and the ear are believed to play major roles as sources of assimilates. However, both the cost and the intrusive...

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Achieving yield gains in wheat

Published in Plant, Cell and Environment 35 (10) : 1799-1823, 2012 Matthew Reynolds,  John Foulkes,  Robert Furbank,  Simon Griffiths, Julie King, Erik Murchie, Martin Parry and Gustavo Slafer Wheat provides 20% of calories and protein consumed by humans. Recent genetic gains are <1% per annum...

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Enhancing drought tolerance in C4 crops

Published in Journal of Experimental Botany 1-19, 2011 Enhancing drought tolerance in C4 crops  Marta S. Lopes, Jose Luis Araus, Philippus D. R. van Heerden and Christine H. Foyer Adaptation to abiotic stresses is a quantitative trait controlled by many different genes. Enhancing the tolerance of...

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