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Effect of annealing from traditional nixtamalisation process on the microstructural, thermal, and rheological properties of starch and quality of pozole

Published in Journal of Cereal Science, 2013 Dios Figueroa, J. de; Veles Medina, J.J.; Hernandez Landaverde, M.A.;Aragon Cuevas, F.; Gaytan Martinez, M.; Chavez Martinez, E.; Palacios-Rojas, N.; Willcox, M. Eleven maize landraces were evaluated for pozole quality. The microstructural, thermal and...

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Effects of allelic variation of HMW-GS and LMW-GS on mixograph properties and Chinese noodle and steamed bread qualities in a set of Aroona near-isogenic wheat lines

Published in Journal of Cereal Science 57 (1) : 146-152, 2013 Hui Jin, Yan Zhang, Genying Li, Peiyuan Mu, Zheru Fan, Xianchun Xia and He Zhonghu High-molecular-weight glutenin (HMW-GS) and low-molecular-weight glutenin (LMW-GS) subunits play an important role in determining wheat quality. To clarify...

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Segregation analysis indicates that Puroindoline b-2 variants 2 and 3 are allelic in Triticum aestivum and that a revision to Puroindoline b-2 gene symbolization is indicated

Published in Journal of Cereal Science 57 (1) : 61-66, 2013 Hongwei Geng, Brian S. Beecher, Michael Pumphrey, Zhonghu He and Craig F. Morris Genetic and kernel texture relationships between Puroindoline b-2 variants 2 and 3 have not been fully established in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Here, 480...

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Phenolic acid profiles of Chinese wheat cultivars

Published in Journal of Cereal Science 56(3) : 629-635, 2012 Yong Zhang, Lan Wang, Yang Yao, Jun Yan and  He Zhonghu Phenolic acid concentrations were determined in 37 Chinese commercial winter wheat cultivars grown at a single site over two seasons, and fractions comprising free and bound types were...

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