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Yield gain due to fungicide application in varieties of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) resistant and susceptible to leaf rust

Authors: Morgounov, A.I.; Akin, B.; Demir, L.; Keser, M.; Kokhmetova, A.; Martynov, S.; Orhan, S.; Ozdemir, F.; Ozseven, I.; Sapakhova, Z.; Yessimbekova, M. Published in: Crop and Pasture Science 2015, vol. 66, no.7, p. 649-659   In three independent experiments in Turkey and Kazakhstan, winter...

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Grain yield of newly developed wheat cultivar (NARC 201) as enhanced by foliar application of humic acid under rainfed conditions

Published in Sarhad Journal Agriculture 30 (2) : 173-178, 2014. Abbas, S.H.; Sohail, M.; Hussain, I.; Saleem, M.; Qamar, M.; Aslam, M.; Imram, M. A newly developed wheat cultivar NARC 2011 was evaluated for physio- agronomic traits by varying Humic acid concentrations and Effective microbes at different...

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Genetic control of grain yield and grain physical characteristics in a bread wheat population grown under a range of environmental conditions

Published in Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 2014 Maphosa, L.; Langridge, P.; Taylor, H.; Parent, B.; Emebiri, L.C.; Kuchel, H.; Reynolds, M.P.;Chalmers, K.J.; Okada, A.; Edwards, J.; Mather, D.E.  Environmental conditions such as moisture deficit and high temperatures during the growing period...

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A study on some characteristics of new registered triticale (x Triticosecale Wittm.) varieties (Aysehanim and Mehmetbey) in Turkey

Published in Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 12(2) : 370-374, 2014 Yildirim, M.; Gezginc, H.; Paksoy, A.H.; Aktas, B.; Cakmak, M.; Belen, S.; Bolat, N.; Yorgancilar, O.;Keser, M.; Braun, H.J.; Pfeiffer, W.H. The spring triticale cultivars Aysehanim and Mehmetbey (X Triticosecale Wittm.)...

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Relationship of line per se and testcross performance for grain yield of tropical maize in drought and well-watered trials

Published in Crop Science 53 (4) : 1228-1236, 2013 Kebede, A.Z.; Melchinger, A.E.; Cairns, J.E.; Araus, J.L.; Makumbi, D.; Atlin, G.N. To optimize the efficiency of maize (Zea mays L.) drought breeding, the ability to predict testcross performance (TP) under drought stress using line per se performance...

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Effect of climate change and variety on long-term variation of grain yield and quality in winter wheat in Kazakhstan

Published in Cereal Research Communications, 2013 Morgounov, A.; Abugalieva, A.; Martynov, A.S. Winter wheat yield in three administrative regions of Kazakhstan (Almaty, South Kazakhstan, and Zhambyl) was analyzed during 1972–2009. Yield gains were greatest during 2000–2009, but absolute yields remain...

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