Tag: Global warming

Quantifying changes to the global warming potential of rice wheat systems with the adoption of conservation agriculture in northwestern India

Authors: Tirol Padre, A.; Munmun Rai; Kumar, V; Gathala, M.K; Sharma, P.C; Sharma, S; Rakesh Kumar Nagar; Deshwal, S; Singh, L.K; Jat, H.S; Sharma, D.K; Wassmann, R; Jagdish Kumar Ladha. Published in: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2016, vol. 219, p.125-137   Field trials were conducted...

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Molecular approaches for designing heat tolerant wheat

Published in Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2013 Sundeep Kumar, Prerna Kumari, Uttam Kumar, Monendra Grover, Amit Kumar Singh, Rakesh Singh and R. S. Sengar Global warming is causing changes in temperature rapidly for over two decades. The increased temperature during reproductive...

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