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Genomic-enabled prediction with classification algorithms

Published in Heredity, 2014 Ornella, L.; Perez, P.; Tapia, E.; Gonzlez-Camacho, J.M.;Burgueño, J.; Zhang, X.; Sukhwinder Singh; Vicente, F.S.; Bonnett, D.; Dreisigacker, S.; Singh, R.P.; Long, N.; Crossa, J. Pearson’s correlation coefficient (ρ) is the most commonly reported metric of the success...

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Computer simulation in plant breeding

Published in Advances in Agronomy 116: 219-264, 2012 Xin Li, Chengsong Zhu, Jiankang Wang and Jianming Yu As a bridge between theory and experimentation, computer simulation has become a powerful tool in scientific research, providing not only preliminary validation of theories but also guidelines...

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Genomic Selection and Prediction in Plant Breeding

Published in  Journal of Crop Improvement  25(3): 239-261, 2011 Genomic Selection and Prediction in Plant Breeding José Crossaa, Paulino Pérezab, Gustavo de los Camposac, George Mahukua, Susanne Dreisigackera and Cosmos Magorokoshoa The availability of thousands of genome-wide molecular markers...

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