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Are there systematic gender differences in the adoption of sustainable agricultural intensification practices? Evidence from Kenya

Published in  Food Policy 49 (1) : 117-127, 2014  Ndiritua, S.W.; Kassie, M.; Shiferaw, B. This paper uses sex-disaggregated survey data at the plot level to test whether there are systematic gender differences in the adoption of multiple sustainable intensification practices (SIPs) in Kenya. We analyze...

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What determines gender inequality in household food security in Kenya? Application of exogenous switching treatment regression

Published in World Development 56 : 153-171, 2013 Berresaw Menale Kassie; Ndiritu, S.W.; Stage, J. This paper explores the link between the gender of a household head and food security in rural Kenya. The results show that the food security gap between male-headed households (MHHs) and female-headed...

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