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Evaluation of genomic selection training population designs and genotyping strategies in plant breeding programs using simulation

Published in Crop Science, 2014  Hickey, J.M.; Dreisigacker, S.; Crossa, J.; Hearne, S.; Babu, R.; Prasanna, B.M.; Grondona, M.; Zambelli. A.; Windhausen, V.S.; Mathews, K.; Gorjanc, G.  Genomic selection offers great potential to increase the rate of genetic improvement in plant breeding programs....

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Genotype by environment interaction and stability analysis for grain yield of single cross hybrids using AMMI Biplots

Published in Crop Science, 2014 Ndhlela, T.; Herselman, L.; Magorokosho, C.; Setimela, P.; Mutimaamba, C.; Labuschagne, M. Maize (Zea mays) is the most important cereal crop in Zimbabwe and is grown by both large and small scale farmers who are located in different agro-ecological zones of the country....

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Combining ability of certain agronomic traits in quality protein maize under stress and non-stress environments in Eastern and Southern Africa

Published in Crop Science 54 (3) : 1004-1014, 2014 Dagne Wegary Gissa; Vivek, B.; Labuschagne, M.T. Growing maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids tolerant to drought and low N stress would significantly reduce yield losses occurring in Africa. This study evaluated the performance of quality protein maize (QPM)...

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Relationship of line per se and testcross performance for grain yield of tropical maize in drought and well-watered trials

Published in Crop Science 53 (4) : 1228-1236, 2013 Kebede, A.Z.; Melchinger, A.E.; Cairns, J.E.; Araus, J.L.; Makumbi, D.; Atlin, G.N. To optimize the efficiency of maize (Zea mays L.) drought breeding, the ability to predict testcross performance (TP) under drought stress using line per se performance...

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