Tag: Conservation agriculture

Re-examining appropriate mechanization in Eastern and Southern Africa : two-wheel tractors, conservation agriculture, and private sector involvement

Authors: Baudron, F., Sims, B., Justice, S., Kahan, D.G., Rose, R., Mkomwa, S., Kaumbutho, P., Sariah, J., Nazare, R., Moges, G., Gerard, B. Published in: Food Security, In press The need for sustainable intensification in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) is widely recognized as a requirement to...

Distributing and showing farmer learning videos in Bangladesh

Authors: Bentley, J.W.; Van Mele, P.; Harun-Ar-Rashid; Krupnik, T.J. Published in: The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, In press.   Purpose: To describe the results of showing farmer learning videos through different types of volunteers. Design/Methodology/Approach:...

Crop residue management and soil health: A systems analysis

Published in Agricultural Systems, 2014 Turmel, M.S.; Speratti, A.; Baudron, F.; Verhulst, N.; Govaerts, B. Due to the scarcity of alternative organic amendments, the retention of crop residue in fields can be considered key in promoting physical, chemical, and biological attributes of soil health...
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