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Phenolic acid profiles of Chinese wheat cultivars

Published in Journal of Cereal Science 56(3) : 629-635, 2012 Yong Zhang, Lan Wang, Yang Yao, Jun Yan and  He Zhonghu Phenolic acid concentrations were determined in 37 Chinese commercial winter wheat cultivars grown at a single site over two seasons, and fractions comprising free and bound types were...

Distribution of Allelic variation for vernalization, photoperiod, and dwarfing genes and their effects on growth period and plant height among cultivars from major wheat producing countries

Published in Acta Agronomica Sinica, 2012 Yang Fang-Ping, Xia Xian-Chun, Zhang Yong, Zhang Xiao-ke,  Liu Jian-Jun, Tang Jian-Wei, Yang Xue-Ming, Zhang Jun-Ru, Liu Qian, Li Shi-zhao, and He Zhonghu To efficiently use exotic resources in Chinese wheat breeding programs, we investigated the heading date,...
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