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13C Natural Abundance of Serum Retinol Is a Novel Biomarker for Evaluating Provitamin A Carotenoid-Biofortified Maize Consumption in Male Mongolian Gerbils

Authors: Gannon, B.; Pungarcher, I.; Mourao, L.; Davis, C.R.; Simon, P.; Pixley, K.V.; Tanumihardjo, S.A. Published in: The Journal of Nutrition, July 2016, vol. 146, p. 1290-1297 Background: Crops such as maize, sorghum, and millet are being biofortified with provitamin A carotenoids to ensure adequate...

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Quantifying changes to the global warming potential of rice wheat systems with the adoption of conservation agriculture in northwestern India

Authors: Tirol Padre, A.; Munmun Rai; Kumar, V; Gathala, M.K; Sharma, P.C; Sharma, S; Rakesh Kumar Nagar; Deshwal, S; Singh, L.K; Jat, H.S; Sharma, D.K; Wassmann, R; Jagdish Kumar Ladha. Published in: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2016, vol. 219, p.125-137   Field trials were conducted...

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Agronomic improvements can make future cereal systems in South Asia far more productive and result in a lower environmental footprint

Authors: Jagdish Kumar Ladha; Adusumilli Narayana Rao; Raman, A.K; Tirol Padre, A; Dobermann, A; Gathala, M.K; Kumar, V; Saharawat, Y.S; Sharma, S; Piepho, H.P; Md Mursedul Alam; Liak, R; Rajendran, R; Chinnagangannagari Kesava Reddy; Parsad, R; Sharma, P.C; Singh, S.S; Saha, A; Shamsoon Noor. Published...

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