Tag: Allelic variation

Characterization of dense and erect panicle 1 gene (tadep1) located on common wheat group 5 chromosomes and development of allele-specific markers

Published in Acta Agronomica Sinica 39 (4) : 589-598, 2013 Liu Ya-Nan, Xia Xian-Chun and He Zhong-Hu Dense and erect panicle 1 (OsDep1) gene is an important QTL controlling yield associated traits such as panicle length, erect type, and grain density in rice. In the present study, full-length genomic...

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Characterization of a cell wall invertase gene TaCwi-A1 on common wheat chromosome 2A and development of functional markers

Published in Molecular Breeding 29(1): 43-52, 2012 Dongyun Ma, Jun Yan, Zhonghu He, Ling Wu and Xianchun Xia Cell wall invertase (CWI) is a critical enzyme for sink tissue development and carbon partition, and has a high association with kernel weight. Characterization of Cwi genes and development...

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