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Developing local adaptation strategies for climate change in agriculture: a priority-setting approach with application to Latin America

Published in Global Environmental Change 29:78-91, 2014. Lee, D.R.; Edmeades, S.; De Nys, E.; McDonald, A.; Janssen, W. Even with substantially increased attention to climate adaptation in developing countries in recent years, there are a number of important remaining research needs: better incorporating...

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Molecular Breeding for Quality Protein Maize (QPM)

Molecular Breeding for Quality Protein Maize (QPM). 2014. Babu, R.; Prasanna, B.M. p. 489-505. In: Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources; Vol. 2 Crop productivity, food security and nutritional quality. Tuberosa, R.; Graner, A.; Frison, E. (Eds.). Netherlands:  Springer. Maize endosperm protein is deficient...

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Inter-connection between land use/land cover change and herders’/farmers’ livestock feed resource management strategies: a case study from three Ethiopian eco-environments

Published in Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 188 : 150-162, 2014 Mekasha, A.; Gerard, B.; Kindie Tesfaye Fantaye;Nigatu, L.; Duncan, A.J. We assessed land use/land cover changes from remotely sensed satellite imagery and compared this with community perceptions on availability/use of livestock...

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Assessing the performance of the photo-acoustic infrared gas monitor for measuring CO2, N2O, and CH4 fluxes in two major cereal rotations

Published in Global Change Biology 20 (1) : 287-299, 2013 Tirol-Padre, A.; Rai, M.; Gathala, M.K.; Sharma, S.; Kumar, V.; Sharma, P.C.; Sharma, D.F.;Wassmann, R.; Ladha, J. Rapid, precise, and globally comparable methods for monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes are required for accurate GHG inventories...

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Wheat crop response to liming materials and N and P fertilizers in acidic soils of Tsegede highlands, northern Ethiopia

Published in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2 (3) : 126-135, 2013 Kidanemariam, A.; Gebrekidan, H.; Mamo, T.; Kindie Tesfaye Fantaye A greenhouse experiment was carried out on acidic soils collected from the Tsegede highlands of northern Ethiopia, where wheat production is severely constrained...

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Relay planting of wheat in cotton: an innovative technology for enhancing productivity and profitability of wheat in cotton-wheat production system of South Asia

Published in Experimental Agriculture 49 (1) : 19-30, 2013 G.S. Buttar, H.S. Sidhu, Vicky Singh, M.L. Jat, R. Gupta, Yadvinder Singh and Beldev Singh  Cotton–wheat (CW) is the second most important cropping system after rice–wheat in South Asia. Sowing of wheat after cotton is usually delayed due...

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