New Book in the Library: Statistical Modelling Using Genstat

Statistical Modelling Using Genstat

 K. J. McConway; M. C. Jones; P. C. Taylor

ISBN-13: 978-0470685686

This core text is a self-contained course in statistics and covers this general linear model, regression and analysis of variance. The authors review the prerequisite methods and ideas in a concise and clear way and the material is application-oriented, with the software package GENSTAT for Windows integrated into the text. The basics of GENSTAT are introduced, then used in conjunction with a review of simple linear regression, moving on to more sophisticated analyses such as multiple linear regression, analysis of variance, logistic regression and loglinear modelling. The final chapter consists of four data analysis case studies using techniques drawn from the whole of the book.

course, Genstat, Statisitcal modelling, statisits

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