New book in the library: Cereals (Handbook of Plant Breeding)

cereals1 Cereals (Handbook of Plant Breeding). Marcelo J. Carena

The objective of this volume is to increase the utilization of useful genetic resources and increase awareness of the relative value and impact of plant breeding and biotechnology. That should lead to a more sustainable crop production and ultimately food security.

Table of Contents: Section I Cereal Crop Breeding: Maize Breeding; Rice Breeding ; Spring Wheat Breeding ; Rye Breeding; Grain Sorghum Breeding; Durum Wheat Breeding; Barley; Winter and Specialty Wheat; Triticale: A ‘‘New’’ Crop with Old.   Section II Adding Value to Breeding: Statistical Analyses of Genotype by Environment Data; Breeding for Quality Traits in Cereals: A Revised Outlook on Old and New Tools for Integrated Breeding; Breeding for Silage Quality Traits in Cereals; Participatory Plant Breeding in Cereals.

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