Author: Carelia Juarez

Grain yield of newly developed wheat cultivar (NARC 201) as enhanced by foliar application of humic acid under rainfed conditions

Published in Sarhad Journal Agriculture 30 (2) : 173-178, 2014. Abbas, S.H.; Sohail, M.; Hussain, I.; Saleem, M.; Qamar, M.; Aslam, M.; Imram, M. A newly developed wheat cultivar NARC 2011 was evaluated for physio- agronomic traits by varying Humic acid concentrations and Effective microbes at different...

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Production risks and food security under alternative technology choices in Malawi: application of a multinomial endogenous switching regression

Published in Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2014. Kassie, M.; Adefris Teklewold; Marenya, P.; Jaleta Debello Moti; Erenstein, O. Employing nationally representative data, we investigate the impact of Sustainable Intensification Practices (SIPs) on farm households’ food security, downside risk...

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Quantifying production losses due to drought and submergence of rainfed rice at the household level using remotely sensed MODIS data

Published in Agricultural Systems, 2014. Mottaleb, K.A.; Gumma, M.K.; Mishra, A.K.; Mohanty, S. Combining remotely sensed Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data with Bangladesh Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) data, this study estimates losses in rainfed rice production...

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