New book in the library: Breeding major food staples

As the world’s population increases the need to produce greater quantities of major staple crops such as wheat, rice, maize, potato, cassava, soybean, sweet potato, barley, and banana in order to sufficiently feed the people of the world continues to grow. Breeding Major Food Staples covers improving yields and quality of these crops through breeding and the use of molecular biology tools such as gene transfer, genome mapping, biofortification, and bioinformatics. This book will be an important reference for anyone working in crop breeding.

0813818354Table of Contents:

  • Foreword (G.S. Khush).
  • Preface (Kang & Priyadarshan)
  • General Topics.
  • Introduction: Genetic Enhancement of Polyploid Crops Using Tools of Classical Cytogenetics and Modern Biotechnology.
  • Chapter 1: Crop Breeding Methodologies: Classic and Modern.
  • Chapter 2: Genetic enhancement of polypoid crops using tools of classical cytogenetics and modern biotechnology.
  • Chapter 3: Biofortification: Breeding micronutrient-dense crops.
  • Chapter 4: Bioinformatics and plant genomics for staple crops improvement.
  • Chapter 5: Breeding spring bread wheat for irrigated and rainfed production systems of the developing world.
  • Chapter 6: Rice breeding for sustainable production.
  • Chapter 7: Barley breeding for sustainalbe production
  • Chapter 8: Corn breeding in the twenty-first century.
  • Chapter 9: Soybean breeding achevements and challengesding.Chapter 10: Breeding potato as a major staple crop.
  • Chapter 11: reeding of sweetpotato.
  • Chapter 12: Cassava genetic improvement

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