Month: October 2015

Genetic dissection on rice grain shape by the two-dimensional image analysis in one japonica × indica population consisting of recombinant inbred lines

Authors: Yin, C.; Huihui Li; Li, S; Xu, L; Jiankang Wang; Zhigan Zhao. Published in: Theoretical and Applied Genetics, In press Two-dimensional (2D) digital image analysis is efficient for investigating the rice grain shape characters in large genetic and breeding populations. In this study, we used...

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Using the UK reference population Avalon X Cadenza as a platform to compare breeding strategies in elite Western European bread wheat

Authors: Ma, J., Wingen, L.U; Orford, S; Fenwick, P; Jiankang Wang; Griffiths, S. Published in: Molecular Breeding, 2015, vol. 35, p. 70 Wheat breeders select for qualitative and quantitative traits, the latter often detected as quantitative trait loci (QTL). It is, however, a long procedure from...

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