Month: July 2015

Re-examining appropriate mechanization in Eastern and Southern Africa : two-wheel tractors, conservation agriculture, and private sector involvement

Authors: Baudron, F., Sims, B., Justice, S., Kahan, D.G., Rose, R., Mkomwa, S., Kaumbutho, P., Sariah, J., Nazare, R., Moges, G., Gerard, B. Published in: Food Security, In press The need for sustainable intensification in Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) is widely recognized as a requirement to...

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Genetic diversity of tropical early-maturing maize inbreds and theirperformance in hybrid combinations under drought and optimum growing conditions

Authors: Oyekunle, M., Badu-Apraku, B., Franco, J., Hearne, S. Published in: Field Crops Research 2014, vol. 170, p. 55-65.   Hybrid development is enhanced by the assessment and understanding of genetic diversity and dis-tance within inbreds. One hundred and fifty hybrids derived from 30 early-maturing...

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