Month: February 2015

Socio-economic factors affecting adoption of modern information and communication technology by farmers in India: analysis using multivariate

Published in The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 2014. Mittal, S.; Mehar, M. Purpose: The paper analyzes factors that affect the likelihood of adoption of different agriculture-related information sources by farmers. Design/Methodology/Approach: The paper links the theoretical understanding...

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Functional water flow pathways and hydraulic regulation in the xylem network of Arabidopsis hydraulic regulation of water flows in xylems

Published in Plant and Cell Physiology, 2014. Park, J.; Hae Koo Kim; Ryu, J.; Ahn, S.; Lee, S.J.; Hwang, I. In vascular plants, the xylem network constitutes a complex microfluidic system. The relationship between vascular network architecture and functional hydraulic regulation during actual water...

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