Month: October 2014

Antibiosis Mechanism of Resistance to Larger Grain Borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Horn)(Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in Maize

Published in Journal of Entomology  11 (5) : 248-260, 2014 Nhamucho, E.;  Mugo, S.N.;  Kinyua, M.;  Gohole, L.;  Tadele Tefera;  Mulima, E. Host plant resistance is a valuable component of integrated pest management in maize. Maize stored on-farm without controlled moisture content and insecticide...

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Modeling the effect of a heat wave on maize production in the USA and its implications on food security in the developing world

Published in Weather and Climate Extremes, 2014 Chung, U.;  Gbegbelegbe, S.D.;  Shiferaw, B.;  Robertson, R.;  Jin I. Yun;  Kindie Tesfaye Fantaye;  Hoogenboom, G.; Sonder, K. This study uses geo-spatial crop modeling to quantify the biophysical impact of weather extremes. More specifically, the study...

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