Month: September 2014

On the relationship between C and N fixation and amino acid synthesis in nodulated alfalfa (Medicago sativa)

Published in Functional Plant Biology 41 (4) : 331-341, 2014 Molero, G.; Tcherkez, G.; Araus, J.L.; Nogues, S. Legumes such as alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) are vital N2-fixing crops accounting for a global N2 fixation of ~35 Mt N year–1. Although enzymatic and molecular mechanisms of nodule N2 fixation...

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Multi-scale trade-off analysis of cereal residue use for livestock feeding vs. soil mulching in the Mid-Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe

Published in Agricultural Systems, 2014 Baudron, F.; Delmotte, S.; Corbeels, M.; Herrera, J.M.; Tittonell, P. Cereal residues represent a major resource for livestock feeding during the dry season in southern Africa. When kept on the soil surface instead of feeding them to livestock, crop residues...

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Dayaniklilik Geni Cre1’ in Akdeniz Tahil Kist Nematodu, Heterodea latipons Franklin (Tylenchida: Heteroderidae)’e Karsi Etkinliginin Arastirilmasi

Published in Journal of Agricultural Science 20  : 261-268, 2014 Imren, M.; Kasapoglu, E.B.; Dababat, A.A.; Toktay, H.;Elekcioglu, I.H. Cereal cyst nematodes (Heterodera avenae group) are important pests of wheat; they include the three most important species of cereal cyst nematodes: Heterodera avenae...

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Assessment of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris l.) Seed quality produced under different cropping systems by smallholder farmers in eastern Ethiopia

Published in African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development 14 (1) : 8566-8584, 2014 Oshone, K.; Gebeyehu, S.; Kindie Tesfaye Fantaye One of the major causes of low yield of common bean in Ethiopia is the shortage and/or inaccessibility of high quality seed. In the Hararghe highlands...

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