Month: August 2014

Greenhouse gas emissions from nontilled, permanent raised, and conventionally tilled beds in the Central Highlands of Mexico

Published in Journal of Crop Improvement 28 (4) : 547-574, 2014 Dendooven, L.; Patiño-Zuñiga, L.; Verhulst, N.; Boden, K.; Garcia-Gaytan, A.; Luna-Guido, M.;Govaerts, B. Organic matter content increases in soil with no-tilled permanent raised beds (PBs) compared with soil with conventionally tilled...

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Durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Mediterranean landraces as sources of variability for allelic combinations at Glu-1/Glu-3 loci affecting gluten strength and pasta cooking quality

Published in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 61 (6) : 1219-1236, 2014 Nazco, R.; Peña Bautista, R.J.; Ammar, K.;Villegas, D.; Crossa, J.; Royo, C. With the aim of identifying durum wheat landraces (LR) with a potential use in breeding programs for gluten strength enhancement, the allelic combinations...

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The use of improved maize varieties in Tanzania

Published in African Journal of Agricultural Research 9 (7) : 643-657, 2014 Lyimo, S.; Mduruma, Z.; De Groote, H. Maize is the most important food crop in Tanzania, covering 45% of the cultivated area. Maize farmers have adopted many improved maize varieties but different studies have produced different...

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Response of nematode communities to reclamation of agricultural soils following degradation through brown coal strip-mining processes

Published in Helminthologia 51 (1) : 53-62, 2014 Chen, Y.F.; Mekete, T.; Dababat, A.A.; Daub, M.; Cao, Z.P.; Sikora, R.A.  The study assessed the impact on the soil nematodes during the first 3-years after reclamation of a brown coal mining area. Samples were taken from 5 fields: 1 year before excavation,...

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