Month: August 2013

The effect of integrated organic and inorganic fertilizer rates on performances of soybean and maize component crops of a soybean/maize mixture at Bako, Western Ethiopia

Published in African Journal of Agricultural Research 8  (29) : 3921-3929, 2013 Abebe Zerihun, J. J. Sharma, Dechasa Nigussie and Kanampiu Fred The experiment was conducted to determine the best compatible soybean varieties in intercropping systems and the most economically optimum integrated fertilizer...

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Concepts and nomenclature of the Farro wheats, with special reference to Emmer, Triticum turgidum subsp. dicoccum (Poaceae)

Published in Kew Bulletin, 2013 Michiel van Slageren and Thomas Payne This paper discusses the different taxonomic concepts of the wheat group as exemplified by three species, commonly known together as ‘Farro’: diploid Einkorn, tetraploid Emmer and hexaploid Spelt. A narrow, morphology-based concept...

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Single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping using Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP): overview of the technology and its application in crop improvement

Published in Molecular Breeding, 2013 Kassa Semagn, Raman Babu, Sarah Hearne and Michael Olsen Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data can be obtained using one of the numerous uniplex or multiplex SNP genotyping platforms that combine a variety of chemistries, detection methods, and reaction formats....

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