Month: June 2013

Relative impacts of tillage, residue management and crop-rotation on soil bacterial communities in a semi-arid agroecosystem

Published in Soil Biology and Biochemistry 65 : 86-95, 2013 Yendi E. Navarro-Noya, Selene Gómez-Acata, Nina Montoya-Ciriaco, Aketzally Rojas-Valdez, Mayra C. Suáres-Arriaga, César Valenzuela-Encinas, Norma Jiménez-Bueno, Nele Verhulst, Bram Govaerts and Luc Dendooven In this study, the effect of limited...

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Efficiency of moisture stress risk coping strategies in north eastern Ethiopia: Application of mean-variance efficiency analysis

Published in Asian Economic and Financial Review 3 (8) : 1018-1032, 2013 Girma T. Kassie, Debrah Maleni, Simon Gwara and Bezabih Emana This research investigated the efficiency of the crop enterprise mix farmers formulate to cope with moisture stress risk given the different constraints they are living...

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Searching for novel sources of field resistance to Ug99 and Ethiopian stem rust races in durum wheat via association mapping

Published in Theoretical  and Applied Genetics 126 (5) : 1237-1256, 2013 Tesfaye Letta, Marco Maccaferri, Ayele Badebo, Karim Ammar, Andrea Ricci, Jose Crossa and Roberto Tuberosa Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici, the causative agent of stem rust in wheat, is a devastating disease of durum wheat....

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Cropping system diversification, conservation tillage and modern seed adoption in Ethiopia: Impacts on household income, agrochemical use and demand for labor

Published in Ecological Economics 93 : 85-93, 2013 Hailemariam Teklewold, Menale Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw and Gunnar Kohlin The type and combination of sustainable agricultural practices (SAPs) adopted have a significant effect on agricultural productivity and food security. This study develops a multinomial...

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Historical changes in grain yield and quality of spring wheat varieties cultivated in Siberia from 1900 to 2010

Published in Canadian Journal of Plant Science 93 (3) : 425-433, 2013 Alexey I. Morgounov, Igor Belan, Yuriy Zelenskiy, Lyudmila Roseeva, Sandor Tömösközi, Ferenc Békés, Aygul Abugalieva,  Ismail Cakmak, Mateo Vargas and  José Crossa This study focusses on changes in yield, protein content, micronutrient...

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Effectiveness of selection at CIMMYT’s main maize breeding sites in Mexico for performance at sites in Africa and vice versa

Published in Plant Breeding 132 (3) : 299-304, 2013 Aida Z. Kebede, George Mahuku, Juan Burgueño, Felix San Vicente, Jill E. Cairns, Biswanath Das, Dan Makumbi, Cosmos Magorokosho, Vanessa S. Windhausen, Albrecht E. Melchinger and Gary N. Atlin  The exchange of elite breeding materials across regions...

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