Month: May 2013

QTL analysis of the spring wheat ‘Chapio’ identifies stable stripe rust resistance despite inter-continental genotype × environment interactions

Published in Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 2013 E.-N. Yang, G. M. Rosewarne, S. A. Herrera-Foessel,  J. Huerta-Espino,  Z.-X. Tang, C.-F. Sun,  Z.-L. Ren and R. P. Singh Chapio is a spring wheat developed by CIMMYT in Mexico by a breeding program that focused on multigenic resistances to leaf...

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Comparison of the performance of best linear unbiased estimation and best linear unbiased prediction of genotype effects from zoned Indian maize data

Published in Crop Science, 2013 K. Kleinknecht, J. Möhring, K.P. Singh, P.H. Zaidi, G.N. Atlin and H.P. Piepho The maize (Zea mays L.) growing area in India is divided into five zones for cultivar testing. During triannual testing of genotypes in official trials within the All-India Coordinated Maize...

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Root-lodging resistance in maize as an example for high-throughput genetic mapping via single nucleotide polymorphism-based selective genotyping

Published in Plant Breeding 132 (1) : 90-98, 2013 Mohammad Farkhari, Alan Krivanek, Yunbi Xu, Tingzhao Rong, Mohammad R. Naghavi, Bahman Y. Samadi and Yanli Lu Large-scale selective genotyping and high-throughput analysis are two important strategies for low-cost and high-effective genetic mapping....

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Right-sizing stem-rust research

Published in Science 340 (6129) : 147-148, 2013 P.G. Pardey, J.M. Beddow, D.J. Kriticos, T.M. Hurley, R.F. Park, E. Duveiller, R.W. Sutherst, J.J. Burdon and D. Hodson Stem rust caused by Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici is a potentially devastating fungal disease that can kill wheat plants and small...

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