Month: January 2013

Identification and mapping of leaf, stem and stripe rust resistance quantitative trait loci and their interactions in durum wheat

Published in Molecular Breeding, 2012 A. Singh, M. P. Pandey, A. K. Singh, R. E. Knox, K. Ammar, J. M. Clarke, F. R. Clarke, R. P. Singh, C. J. Pozniak, R. M. DePauw, B. D. McCallum, R. D. Cuthbert, H. S. Randhawa and T. G. Fetch Jr. Leaf rust (Puccinia triticina Eriks.), stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis...

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Haplotype analysis of molecular markers linked to stem rust resistance genes in Ethiopian improved durum wheat varieties and tetraploid wheat landraces

Published in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 2012 Jemanesh K. Haile, Karl Hammer, Ayele Badebo, Ravi P. Singh and Marion S. Röder The recent emergence of wheat stem rust race Ug99 (TTKSK) and related strains threaten Ethiopian as well as world wheat production because they overcome widely used...

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Genetic variability of tropical maize stover quality and the potential for genetic improvement of food-feed value in India

Published in Field Crops Research, 2012  P.H. Zaidi, M.T. Vinayan and M. Blummel  Sixty elite maize inbred lines were selected from CIMMYT-Asia maize program for stover fodder quality analysis. These lines were selected based on high per se and cross performance across several locations in the Asian...

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Effectiveness of three potential sources of resistance in wheat against Wheat streak mosaic virus under field conditions

Published in Australasian Plant Pathology 41 (3) : 301-309, 2012 Muhammad Fahim, Philip J. Larkin, Steve Haber, Steve Shorter, Paul F. Lonergan and Garry M. Rosewarne Wheat streak mosaic virus is an established major threat to wheat in North America and is newly identified in Australia. Three genetic...

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Effect of different tillage and seeding methods on energy use efficiency and productivity of wheat in the Indo-Gangetic plains

Published in Field Crops Research 142 : 1-8, 2012 Vivak Kumar, Yashpal S. Saharawat,  Mahesh K. Gathala, Arjun Singh Jat, Sanjay K. Singh, Neelam Chaudhary and M.L. Jat Conservation agriculture (CA) based crop management technologies specially zero- or minimum-tillage are being rapidly adopted by...

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Conservation agriculture, increased organic carbon in the top-soil macro-aggregates and reduced soil CO2 emissions

Published in Plant and Soil 355 (1-2) : 183-197, 2012 Mariela Fuentes,  Claudia Hidalgo,  Jorge Etchevers, Fernando De León, Armando Guerrero, Luc Dendooven, Nele Verhulst and Bram Govaerts Background and aims Conservation agriculture, the combination of minimal soil movement (zero or reduced tillage),...

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