Month: December 2012

Phenolic acid profiles of Chinese wheat cultivars

Published in Journal of Cereal Science 56(3) : 629-635, 2012 Yong Zhang, Lan Wang, Yang Yao, Jun Yan and  He Zhonghu Phenolic acid concentrations were determined in 37 Chinese commercial winter wheat cultivars grown at a single site over two seasons, and fractions comprising free and bound types were...

Pyramiding adult-plant powdery mildew resistance QTLs in bread wheat

Published in Crop and Pasture Science 63 (7) : 606-611, 2012 B. Bai, Z. H. He, M. A. Asad , C. X. Lan, Y. Zhang, X. C. Xia, J. Yan, X. M. Chen and C. S. Wang Pyramiding of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) can be an effective approach for developing durable resistance to powdery mildew in wheat (Triticum...
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