Month: October 2012

A comparative analysis of conservation agriculture systems: Benefits and challenges of rotations and intercropping in Zimbabwe

Published in Field Crops Research 137 : 237-250, 2012 Christian Thierfelder,  Stephanie Cheesman and Leonard Rusinamhodzi Increasing soil degradation in southern Africa and the potentially negative effects of climate change demand “greener” solutions to reverse this trend. Conservation agriculture...

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Validation of the effects of molecular marker polymorphisms in LcyE and CrtRB1 on provitamin A concentrations for 26 tropical maize populations

Published in Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 2012 Raman Babu, Natalia Palacios Rojas, Shibin Gao, Jianbing Yan and Kevin Pixley Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) compromises immune function and is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children in many developing countries. Biofortification, or...

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The role of cooperative business models for the success of smallholder coffee certification in Nicaragua: A comparison of conventional, organic and Organic-Fairtrade certified cooperatives

Published in Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 2012 Tina D. Beuchelt and Manfred Zeller Supported by policy-makers and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), coffee farmer organizations obtain organic and Fairtrade certifications to upgrade their coffee and, thus, increase returns to their members....

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