Month: August 2012

Physical mapping of puroindoline b-2 genes and molecular characterization of a novel variant in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L.)

Published in Molecular Breeding  28 (2) : 153-161, 2012 F. Chen, H.-X. Xu, F.-Y. Zhang, X.-C. Xia, Z.-H. He, D.-W. Wang, Z.-D. Dong, K.-H. Zhan, X.-Y. Cheng and D.-Q. Cui The puroindoline genes (Pina and Pinb) are the functional components of the common or bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain...

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The statistical power of inclusive composite interval mapping in detecting digenic epistasis showing common F2 segregation ratios

Published in Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 54 (4) : 270-279, 2012 Luyan Zhang, Huihui Li, Jiankang Wang Epistasis is a commonly observed genetic phenomenon and an important source of variation of complex traits, which could maintain additive variance and therefore assure the long-term genetic...

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Genomic prediction of breeding values when modeling genotype × environment interaction using pedigree and dense molecular markers

Published in Crop Science 52 (2) : 707-719, 2012 Juan Burgueño, Gustavo de los Campos, Kent Weigel and José Crossa Genomic selection (GS) has become an important aid in plant and animal breeding. Multienvironment (multitrait) models allow borrowing of information across environments (traits), which...

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Computer simulation in plant breeding

Published in Advances in Agronomy 116: 219-264, 2012 Xin Li, Chengsong Zhu, Jiankang Wang and Jianming Yu As a bridge between theory and experimentation, computer simulation has become a powerful tool in scientific research, providing not only preliminary validation of theories but also guidelines...

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