Pete Shelton from IFPRI visiting CIMMYT library

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Pete Shelton, Information & Knowledge Management Specialist, from International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) is visiting CIMMYT library to present approaches and applications implemented by IFPRI library and help us to get up to the speed with the web 2.0 tools for library and information management. A lot of learning on both sides ;o). Some interesting ideas or action points for us:

  • IFPRI is using EZProxy software to facilitate access to subscribed journals to out posted (or travelling) staff members. It seems to be much more viable and simple option than setting proxy access that CIMMYT colleagues have to do …
  • IFPRI is using SurveyMonkey-based survey to its research staff to get yearly update on usefulness of subscription to their set of the journals or need for substitution of some.
  • Many IFPRI applications (including library catalog and and some databases and social media) are hosted by CGnet in California.
  • We need to make sure that the metadata of CIMMYT publications are harvestable by OAIster
  • Harzing (Publish or Perish) – interesting open source application for citation reporting (alternative to expensive ISI web of science)
  • JSTOR – location to search for back issues of journals and articles
  • and we are seriously considering to also enter WORLDCAT.

Pete also presented very clever way that IFPRI is using to enable their research staff to maintain their public biography online (example) with link to most recent (or highlighted) publications – feed from Mendeley.

But this is just a beginning. Tomorrow Pete will be presenting to the website and intranet team how IFPRI handles project websites and than we spend the rest of the week going into technical details of all the technical stuff that CIMMYT would like to implement.

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