NEW BOOK IN THE LIBRARY:Borlaug, Volume 3, Bread Winner 1960-1969

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 Borlaug, Volume 3, Bread Winner 1960-1969

Author: Noel Vietmeyer

ISSB: 978-0-578-06920-3

Product Description

Volume 3 exposes the almost incredible saga of how the seeds Norman Borlaug created in Mexico [Volume 2] ended up saving millions of lives on the far side of the world.
As the book opens, Borlaug is so little appreciated his wheat-breeding program has been closed down. He’s resigned himself to becoming a banana breeder in Honduras.
As the book closes in 1969 India and Pakistan have survived a famine and, thanks to Borlaug’s Mexican wheats and his long, lonely struggle, food production is soaring.
All the behind-the-scenes drama is here to be relished for the first time. These pages expose dozens more adventures, surprises, and “Angels of Deliverance” as Norm rises from his career’s lowest point to its ultimate high point.

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