New book in the library: Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding

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Principles of Plant Genetics and Breeding. George Acquaah.
This book introduces both classical and molecular tools for plant breeding,  topics such as biotechnology in plant breeding, intellectual property, risks, emerging concepts (decentralized breeding, organic breeding), and more are addressed in this state of the art text. The final 8 chapters provide a useful reference on breeding the largest and most common crops. In addition, over 25 plant breeders share their professional experiences while illustrating concepts in the text.  Contents:

Part I: Underlying Science and Methods of Plant Breeding
  • Historical Perspectives and Importance of Plant Breeding.
  • General Biological Concepts.
  • Germplasm Issues.
  • Genetic Analysis in Plant Breeding.
  • Tools in Plant Breeding.
  • Classic Methods of Plant Breeding.
  • Selected Breeding Objectives.
  • Cultivar Release and Commercial Seed Production.
  • Part II: Breeding Selected Crops.

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