New book in the library: Mycotoxins: Detection methods, management, public health and agricultural trade

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9781845930820Mycotoxins are produced worldwide by several fungi on a wide range of agricultural commodities and are closely related to human and animal food chains. Examining mycotoxins and their impact from a public health viewpoint, this book provides an overview and introduction to the subject and examines the health, trade and legislation issues involved. Management of mycotoxins is discussed in detail as well as the global problems caused by mycotoxins.

 Main Contents
  • Health & Trade Issues
  • Mycotoxin Contamination and Toxigenic Fungi in Africa and the Mediterranean Basin
  • Mycotoxin Detection Methods
  • Mycotoxin Management
  • Institutional Issues in Mycotoxin Management
  • International Programs on Mycotoxins

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