NEW BOOK IN THE LIBRARY: Mixed Effects Models in S and S-Plus (Statistics and Computing)

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José C. Pinheiro

Douglas M. Bates

ISBN: 978-1441903174

Mixed Effects Models in S and S-Plus (Statistics and Computing)

This book provides an overview of the theory and application of linear and nonlinear mixed-effects models in the analysis of grouped data, such as longitudinal data, repeated measures, and multilevel data. A unified model-building strategy for both linear and nonlinear models is presented and applied to the analysis of over 20 real datasets from a wide variety of areas, including pharmacokinetics, agriculture, and manufacturing. A strong emphasis is placed on the use of graphical displays at the various phases of the model-building process, starting with exploratory plots of the data and concluding with diagnostic plots to assess the adequacy of a fitted model. Over 170 figures areincluded in the book.

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