International Gluten Workshop, 11. Proceedings. Beijing, China; 12-15 Aug. 2012

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International Gluten Workshop, 11. Proceedings. Beijing, China; 12-15 Aug. 2012. 2013. He Zhonghu; Daowen Wang. : ix, 212 p.. Mexico, DF (Mexico). CIMMYT.

98165.pdfThe 11th International Gluten Workshop would not have been possible without the valuable  contributions of the Organizing Committ ee. I would like to sincerely acknowledge the advice and  help of my committ ee colleagues: Xu Liu, CAAS, China; Rudi Appels, Murdoch University, Australia;  Roberto Javier Pena and Hans-Joachim Braun, CIMMYT, Mexico; Gerard Branlard, INRA, France;  Craig Morris and Susan Altenbach, USDA-ARS, USA; T.M. Ikeda, NARO, Japan; W. John Rogers,  Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina; Wujun Ma, Western  Australia Department of Agriculture and Food, Australia; Domenico Lafi andra, University of Tuscia,  Italy; Perry K. W. Ng, Michigan State University, USA; Shunhe Cheng, Yangzhou Agricultural  Research Institute, China; Aimin Zhang, CAS, China; Xianchun Xia, CAAS, China; Yueming Yan,  Capital Normal University, China; and Daowen Wang, CAS, China.

Many committ ee members also chaired sessions along with scientists listed below: Angela Juhasz,  Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary; Guangyuan He, Huazhong University of Science and  Technology, China; Frank Bekes, FBFD PTY LTD, Australia; Yimin Wei, CAAS, China; and Tuula  Songtag-Strohm, University of Helsinki, Finland. I am also very grateful to Aimin Zhang and his staff  at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS, and Na Zhang, Simin Li, Yonggui Xiao,  Yong Zhang, and Yan Zhang at the Institute of Crop Science, CAAS, for organizing the visit to the  wheat labs in these two institutes and for other logistical support.

Financial support was generously provided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China  (NSFC, 31210303039), National Basic Research Program on Genetic Studies of Wheat Agronomic  Traits and Varietal Improvement (2009Cb11830) from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the  International Collaboration Program (2011-G3) from the Ministry of Agriculture. I also particularly  wish to acknowledge the participation, exhibition and fi nancial contributions of Brabender, Chopin  Technologies, and Perten in this workshop.

This workshop would not have been possible without administrative support from the Institute of  Crop Science, CAAS, the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS, and CIMMYT. Finally, I am sure all authors and the organizing committ ee join with me in giving special thanks  to Professor Robert McIntosh for editing the manuscripts included in these proceedings, and to the  CIMMYT editorial team for design and printing

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