Compendium of deliverables of the conservation agriculture course 2014

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Compendium of deliverables of the conservation agriculture course 2014. 2014. Verhulst, N.; Mulvaney, M.J.; Cox, R.; Van Loon, J.; Nichols, V. (eds.). Mexico, DF (Mexico): CIMMYT iv, 43 p.

99448.pdfThis book is the result of the hard work of 5 CIMMYT trainees who work on sustainable practices in India, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, and participated in the 2014 visiting scientist program “Conservation agriculture: Laying the groundwork for sustainable and productive cropping systems”. Over 5 weeks the scientists received an intense training program that combined mentoring and problem solving approaches. They actively participated in the ongoing cropping systems management activities of CIMMYT’s Global Conservation Agriculture Program, Latin-America, at the experimental stations near Mexico City at El Bat├ín and Toluca, and in nearby farmers? fields. Emphasis was given to conservation agriculturebased technologies for both irrigated and rainfed conditions: reduced tillage, using alternative crop residue management strategies and crop rotation.Wheat and maize were the main crops under study.

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