New CGIAR science council publication “Aligning Global Agricultural Research Investments with National Development Activities: The CGIAR Experience”

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by Jock R. Anderson, CGIAR Secretariat, World Bank, Washington, DC. (


  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Extended summary
  3. Introduction
    1. Rationale for this study
    2. Background on the CGIAR
    3. Conceptual setting and structure of the study
  4. Successful CGIAR implementation at the country level
    1. Applied research in action: A livestock case in point
    2. Expanding the research agenda: Integrated natural resource management
    3. International program participation in risk management and rebuilding
    4. Engagement with international health programs
    5. The Green Revolution: Not to be forgotten
    6. New green revolutions in the making
    7. Making the best use of scarce resources 30
  5. Views from CGIAR country partners
  6. CGIAR in less-than-ideal country implementation
    1. Stagnation in sub-Saharan Africa
    2. An emerging success story in SSA: The NERICA family of rice cultivars
  7. Lessons from success and failure in aligning CGIAR and country programs: Main conclusions
    1. Alignment domains from figure 1
    2. Other factors beyond the domains of figure 1
  8. Conclusion: Toward better implementation
  9. References
  10. Annex 1. Key findings on CGIAR links to World Bank operations
  11. Annex 2. Earlier findings from a country partner perspective