Book by CIMMYT scientist: Molecular Plant Breeding, Yunbi Xu

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Molecular Plant Breeding

By Y Xu, Maize Molecular Breeder, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT), Mexico

2010 / 752 Pages / 9781845933920

Recent advances in plant genomics and molecular biology have revolutionized our understanding of plant genetics, providing new opportunities for more efficient and controllable plant breeding. Successful techniques require a solid understanding of the underlying molecular biology as well as experience in applied plant breeding. Bridging the gap between developments in biotechnology and its applications in plant improvement, Molecular Plant Breeding provides an integrative overview of issues from basic theories to their applications to crop improvement including molecular marker technology, gene mapping, genetic transformation, quantitative genetics, and breeding methodology.

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  • somasekhar


    Respected sir,
    I, SOMASEKHAR doing M.Sc.(Plant Breeding and Genetics)in TNAU. The book Molecular Plant Breeding by Yunbi xu will be very useful for me. will you plz send the soft copy of this book. (my mail ID is

    Thanking you sir


  • Petr Kosina


    Dear Somasekhar, unfortunately the book of Dr. Yunbi is copyrighted and CIMMYT is not a publisher, hence we do not have the right to share it.
    I am sorry.


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