Doubled haploid technology in maize breeding: theory and practice available in Korean

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옥수수 육종에 배가반수체기술의 이용 : 이론과 실제. 2012. Prasanna, B.M.; Chaikam, V.; Mahuku, G.. : 69 p.. Mexico, DF (Mexico). CIMMYT.

98942This manual is primarily intended for maize breeders in national agricultural research systems and small and medium enterprise seed companies in developing countries who would like to better understand and utilizes the doubled haploid (DH) technology in breeding programs. It is a compilation and consolidation of knowledge accumulated through scientific contributions of several maize geneticists and breeders worldwide as well as protocols successfully developed (in collaboration with the University of Hohenheim, Germany) and being used by the CIMMYT Global Maize Program in DH line development, especially in Mexico. An overview of the utility and applications of DH technology in maize breeding is presented first in the manual, followed by chapters on in vivo maternal haploid induction using haploid inducers, haploid kernel detection using anthocyanin markers, chromosome doubling of haploids, deriving DH seed from colchicine-­‐treated plants, integrating molecular markers in DH-­‐based breeding pipeline, DH in commercial maize breeding, and finally, access to tropicalized haploid inducers and DH service on cost-­‐recovery basis to CIMMYT partners.


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